CDBG Micro-Enterprise Assistance Grant Program

The CDBG Micro-Enterprise Assistance Grant Program provides funding to address the needs of micro-businesses in non-entitlement areas* within the region. The program is funded through the Maine Department of Economic & Community Development's Community Block Grant program.  

  1. Special Threshold Criteria and Certifications: The MEA Program provides grant funds to micro-enterprise businesses through a partnership with Maine’s Small Business Development Centers and their partners. Participation in the MEA delivery system is subject to the approval of the Director of the CDBG Program.

  2. Eligible Activities: Eligible activities include grants to for-profit businesses that can be used for working capital, purchase of inventory, supplies and equipment. Maine’s Small Business Development Centers will identify and pre-qualify those businesses who are eligible for the program. Potential participants will need to provide their previous years’ income tax return to verify eligibility. Cannabis related businesses are not eligible.  

  3. Maximum Amount of Micro-Enterprise Assistance to an individual Business: $10,000

  4. Project Benefit / Demonstration of National Objective:
    Existing businesses that have five or fewer employees, one of whom owns the enterprise, and whose household income is Low/Moderate as defined by HUD will meet the project benefit. Applicants will need to submit a copy of their previous year’s Personal Income Tax filing with their application. Non-owner employees’ incomes are not considered in meeting project benefit.

  5. Selection Process: All Micro-Enterprise businesses wishing to submit a MEA application must meet with their local Small Business Development Center advisor to determine eligibility. SBDC advisors will review and approve complete applications to be considered for funding.      

*Micro Business owners who live in Lewiston or Auburn are encouraged to contact their respective city about their micro-enterprise programs. Request Advising