Metropolitan Transportation Plan 2023-2045


The Androscoggin Transportation Resource Center (ATRC), the Metropolitan Planning Organization serving Auburn, Lewiston, Lisbon and Sabattus is beginning it’s federally required 20 Year Metropolitan Transportation Plan process regarding the development of a Metropolitan Transportation Plan update that guides the region’s transportation policy and capital investments through 2045.  The public is encouraged to participate by reviewing the process outline below, reviewing the public meeting slide deck link below and completing the survey.  Public participation is critical to informing the plan process.

  • A brief description of the planning process
    1. Federal regulations mandate that regions of a certain size maintain a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) that plans for all modes of surface transportation—including walking, biking, transit, driving, and freight—looking out 20 years in the future. As the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Lewiston-Auburn region, the Androscoggin Transportation Resource Center (ATRC) is tasked with completing and updating the MTP. Given that the existing MTP was adopted in 2019, and the MTP must be updated every 5 years, ATRC is currently updating the MTP, for adoption in 2024. The new MTP will look out to the year 2045.
  • A schedule for when decisions will be made
    1. ATRC anticipates that a draft 2045 MTP will be released for a 30-day public review and comment period at the end of 2023. At the time of the draft plan’s release, public meetings will be scheduled.
  • How the transportation plan may affect the ATRC area
    1. The MTP will offer goals and strategies to help the ATRC region meet transportation needs in the near term and 20 years in the future. It will offer funding projections, as well as how that funding should be prioritized based on the region’s transportation needs.
  • What opportunities exist for public participation
    1. Two public meetings held on 6/13 and 6/14 as well as a set of meetings later in the year when the draft plan is released
      1. See the slide deck from the virtual public meeting here: LINK TO MEETING SLIDE DECK

    3. Social media
  • ATRC’s contact for obtaining further information