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Policy Committee Voting Members
Auburn - Denis D'Auteuil, Director of Public Services
Auburn - Howard Kroll, City Manager
Lewiston - Ed Barrett, City Administrator (Chair)
Lewiston - David Jones, Director, Public Services Department
AVCOG - Robert Thompson, Director (Vice Chair)
AVCOG - Phil Nadeau, President (Alt)
Lisbon - Ryan Leighton, Town Engineer, Department of Public Works
Lisbon - Tracy Steuber, Economic and Community Development Director
Lisbon - Elwood Beal (Alt)
Sabattus - Andrew Gilmore, Town Manager
MaineDOT - Duane Scott
Maine Turnpike Authority - Sara Zografos

Technical Committee Voting Members
Auburn - Dan Goyette, City Engineer (Chair)
Auburn - Eric Cousens, City Planner
Lewiston - Megan Bates, Public Works Department 
Lewiston - Richard Burnham, City Engineer, Public Services Department 
Lewiston - David Hediger, Deputy Director, Department of Planning & Code Enforcement (Alt.)
Lisbon - Ryan Leighton, Town Engineer, Department of Public Works (Vice Chair)
Lisbon - Elwood Beal (Alt)
Sabattus - Gary Labonte
MaineDOT - Gerry Audibert, Bureau of Planning
AVCOG - Joan Walton, Transportation Planner
AVCOG - John Maloney, Senior Land Use Planner (Alt.)
Maine Turnpike Authority - Sara Zografos

*Technical Committee and Policy Committee—Non-Voting Members
Auburn Lewiston Municipal Airport
Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce
Lewiston - Auburn Transit Committee
Federal Highway Administration
Federal Transit Administration
Federal Railroad Administration
Federal Aviation Administration