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Regional Capital Investment Plan
Amy Landry
Executive Director

125 Manley Road
Auburn, ME  04210

Ph: (207) 783-9186
Fx: (207) 783-5211

The Regional Capital Investment Plan (RCIP) is part of an on-going process that incorporates the results of other agency programs, the Regional Transportation Needs Assessment and the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS). The benefits of a RCIP are:

  • Provides a better understanding of the need to make the best use of limited available resources
  • Allows elected and appointed officials to see the projects their own communities and neighbors have planned
  • Illustrates where local projects fit into larger regional setting
  • Potential for joint projects among communities is increased – potential tax savings
  • Signals to private sector where investments and job opportunities are going to occur
  • Allows for better planned growth and development
  • Can function as a vehicle to obtain funding
  • Helps to identify gaps in existing policies
  • Identifies technical assistance needs of local governments

The RCIP brings together regional goals, policies, and objectives in order to focus on and respond to regional development efforts and needs. The projects listed are of regional significance and will be necessary in order to achieve the desired vision for the tri-county.

To submit projects for inclusion in the RCIP and/or Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy please complete a Project Identification Form. The purpose of this form is to inventory future community, economic development, transportation and other public services projects in the AVCOG region, and in particular, those that have regional significance. Please include any future activities which your town or county plans to pursue in the next 5 years. Below are examples of the projects we would like to know about. Please fill out this form for each project.

Examples of Projects for inclusion in a Regional Capital Investment Plan
  • Industrial, business, or technology park even if only serving one community
  • Sewer, water, road or other utility extensions to serve such a facility
  • Sewer, water, road or other utility extensions to serve downtowns or affordable housing
  • Substantial Water system, sewer system, water supply, or sewage treatment facility upgrades
  • Downtown improvements in downtowns or service centers, including infrastructure and building improvements
  • Facilities or major equipment to be shared with other town(s) such as road graders, fire trucks, etc.
  • Programs to be developed jointly with other town(s) such as combined police departments
  • Publicly supported affordable housing projects
  • Major recreation area development or improvements, especially those used by other communities.