Maine Manufacturers Extension Partnership (MEP)

AVCOG, in partnership with the Maine Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MMEP), provides assistance to small and medium-sized manufacturing firms in the tri-county area. Started in 1989, and sponsored by the U.S. Department of Commerce, MaineMEP offers a national network of programs and services that provide assistance to small manufacturers interested in becoming globally competitive. The first MEP Center opened in Maine in April of 1995. Since then more than 300 Maine companies have been served by MEP.

A Field Representative from the MaineMEP is located at AVCOG and can provide technical assistance to companies to help improve their competitiveness. The assistance may be furnished directly by MaineMEP or through a qualified consultant with the project managed by MaineMEP. Assistance is provided in the following areas:

Innovation & Integration
Identify and implement the small business innovations that will keep you current and efficient.

Leveling Up
Ready to bring your manufacturing enterprise to the next level?

Improve Efficiency
Efficiency is key to any manufacturer’s success.

Growing Profits
Increase profits by lowering your costs and margins, finding new marketing strategies, and strengthening your customer service.  

Address Workforce Challenges
Dedicated staff and state-of-the-art facility offer the services you need to accelerate growth and add value to your newest innovation.